Your List is Your Treasure

Your customer list is critically important to the growth of your business, and is one of your most valuable assets.  Each data point is more than just a name, email or phone number – every name has a face, a personality, and a backstory, which could be strategically leveraged.

  • The focus on your customers is always our number one priority when working together, we recognize that your customer’s time is valuable – they too are working under deadlines, within priorities and juggling a million assignments.

When you entrust a market research company with your proprietary list of customers, they should respect every element of that list and treat it with the same care as you.

An experienced market research firm, like Leflein, will take full precautions when it comes to list security, confidentiality, and sensitivity. And to ensure that your lists are up-to-date, Leflein will clean it to prevent duplicate contacts within the same department, and build onto the list should we find changes in the organization.

When all is said and done, your insights are only as good as the people on your list.  Experienced research partners know not just how to ask the right questions, but importantly, how to get to the right person.  Leflein will go that extra mile to find qualified respondents, which often entails strategies that take us beyond your list.

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