Transforming the In-Store Shopping Experience

Online shopping is like second nature for Millennials; even Instagram is looking more like a shopping app than a social network.  What’s a brick and mortar store to do?  The short answer is to transform the in-store shopping experience.  Experiential retailing can offer low and high tech solutions to better cater to savvy young shoppers.

We asked our 18-34 panel which in-store shopping features they’d like to see their favorite clothing retailer offer.  What they reported revealed that they are looking for tools to make the shopping experience both more personalized and easier.  In essence young shoppers want a personal stylist; they want the merchandising to show them how to put an outfit together and what will look best on their figure.  They are also expecting additions to the store design that are more experiential in nature.  Finally they are looking for more convenient services that can compete with online shopping.

Smart tech solutions would be a welcome addition to the in-store experience such as smart mirrors (33%) and smartphone body scans for precise fittings (30%).  On the low tech side improvements would include such as things as style guides for all shapes and sizes (32%) and replacing numbered or S/M/L sizing labels with body shape labels (23%).



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