Leveraging FOC (Face Of the Customer)


Guide to Optimizing Strategies with Personas


Persona development takes time and effort and is worth every penny. Done properly, personas take on a life of their own throughout your organization. Personas as the name implies are living breathing customers, not just any customers, but your ideal customers.

By understanding your brand’s personas you can make better informed marketing, product development and customer service decisions because not all customers, not even your best customers are alike.

Personas create empathy for your consumers. Moreover, personas are simple to understand by all levels and job functions within your company. While some very powerful analytics and psychological testing methods underpin the development of the personas, the final outcome is something that is easily absorbed and communicated within the organization.

Buyer personas have become most popular in the B2B and digital space and used effectively for web and content design, as well as one on one selling. In fact personas have been extremely effective in UX (user experience) research. There’s nothing more powerful than understanding what drives a prospect or visitor, what information are they seeking, and will it be the most compelling format needed to complete a sale or extend a visit.

Personas will become your organization’s best friends. Your team will have the answers to questions such as, Will this engage “Adrenaline Al”?  How do we solve “Frugal Freddy’s ” pain points? What’s more, your team will understand each persona’s pain points including: what drives them, what they value, what they would splurge or take a chance on, and what is going to make their lives better. Also, you will have a typology system for all your ongoing research, your tracking research, and your focus group research. Personas, once identified, are best incorporated into all your customer research and marketing.


To get everyone on the same page, it’s best to start with what the current hypotheses are. Who do the key decision makers think the super fans are?  We will then build a survey around organizational data, social listening, secondary research  (industry and academic  literature), and some of our own internal insights.

Second we develop an online survey, carefully sampling the target audience often using quota groups to ensure reliable base sizes for low incidence but important subgroups. The survey itself has various sections including but not limited to behavior, attitudes, personality, goals, social footprint, media consumption, and demographics.

We analyze the research using a variety of advanced statistical tools including both segmentation and regressions. The personas are now being formed.

We use the output from the quantitative study to recruit up to 4 individuals that meet the essential persona criteria. The interviews can be done in people’s home or in a focus group facility using a professional videographer in the room. Importantly each of the recruits is vetted prior to the session by our own recruiter to be sure that they are articulate and will be animated in the interview or visit.

The final output is a detailed report and professionally edited reel that paints each persona’s personality and behaviors. The narratives and visualizations produced are what make the personas simple to understand cross-functionally within an organization.