New Jersey Monthly – 2018 Top Dentists (July Issue)

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Jersey Choice Top Dentists: Methodology

Here’s how the survey was conducted.

For this year’s list of Jersey Choice Top Dentists, New Jersey Monthly commissioned an independent survey of the state’s dentists by Leflein Associates Inc., a Ringwood-based research firm.

Here’s how the survey was conducted: On October 27, 2017, a one-page questionnaire was mailed to all 6,917 New Jersey-based dentists who have been licensed in the state for at least five years (but less than 50 years). The mailing list, which is used by the Board of Dentistry for licensing purposes, was obtained from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Respondents could either return the original paper questionnaire or complete the questionnaire online. Web-survey participants were required to enter their dental license number to avoid duplication. Each printed ballot had a unique code number to further protect against duplication.

A total of 1,546 ballots were received by Leflein Associates (489 by mail and 1,057 online). After checking for duplication, a total of 1,345 ballots were accepted, for a response rate of 19 percent.

Once all the eligible ballots were tallied, dentists with sufficient votes were placed on a preliminary list. A handful of dentists were then excluded because of significant prior disciplinary actions. Finally, the preliminary list was submitted to our advisory board of 22 dentists for professional review. The dentists on the advisory board were chosen from among the top vote getters in last year’s survey.

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