Leflein Polls Millennials On Their Furniture Shopping

When was the last time you…

  • Visited a furniture store in person
  • Looked at furniture online
  • Searched social media for previously owned furniture


Nearly three-quarters (72%) of millennials have searched or shopped either in store or online for furniture in the past month.

Only 7% of millennials shopped exclusively for furniture in-store only in the past month.


For what reasons would you choose to go to a store in person to make a furniture purchase? (Select all that apply)

While the majority of millennials (54%) go to stores to see and feel the furniture in person, W18-34 are more likely than M18-34 to go to stores for design help (51% vs. 35%) and M18-34 are more likely than W18-34 to go to stores because the furniture is fully assembled (46% vs. 33%).

Which of these would you have to see or try out in person before buying? (Select all that apply)

The top three items millennials would have to try out in person before buying are Beds/Mattresses (51%), sofas/sectionals/loveseats (39%), and chairs & recliners (34%)

  • W18-34 are more likely than M18-34 to report sofas/sectionals/loveseats (47% vs. 32%)

Less than 20% of millennials reported a need to see the following items before buying: kitchen islands (18%), bookcases (18%), bar stools (17%), accent tables (17%), end & side tables (17%), cribs (16%), headboards (16%), sideboards & buffets (16%), wall art (15%), and nightstands (15%).


Which of these are most important to you when purchasing furniture? (Pick your top 3)

Quality (51%), Comfort (50%), Price (44%), and Style (37%) are most important to A18-34 when purchasing furniture.

W18-34 are more likely than M18-34 to cite comfort (54% vs. 45%) and style (43% vs. 31%) as being important.

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