Every once in a while, something comes along that changes EVERYTHING. While traditional focus groups have their place, when it comes to IDEATION, there is nothing like our SUPER GROUP!

Our one day workshop combines the talents of carefully vetted, A-List Creatives with your product team.

One CALL to our professional facilitators can jumpstart your creative challenge NOW!


Save time – A Leflein Ideation session has cut development time by as much as 75%.  What most companies accomplish in 6 months, we deliver in a matter of weeks.

Why buy the cow?  Clients have walked away from our sessions feeling like they have gotten a million dollars’ worth of agency ideas in a single day's workshop.

Better Manage your Agency Relationships.  With a Leflein Ideation Session you'll get a fresh perspective on how your marketing and advertising agency vendors can work together to efficiently achieve your goals.

Afraid of commitment?  With a Leflein Ideation Session you get all of the benefits but without the commitment. But of course, if you like any of our agency creatives, opportunities exist for you to engage them beyond the workshop.

Slow, arduous internal buy-in?  Having your key stakeholders embedded in the workshop gets them all on the same page quickly.

A-List Talent Pool:

A total of approximately 15 creatives/innovative thinkers are recruited and vetted for each project.  The group's unusually effective composition is recruited for your specific needs:

- Brand Strategists
- Advertising Consultants
- Social Media Experts
- KOL's
- Public Relations Professionals
- Journalists
- Futurists
- Digital Media Marketers
- Product Designers
- App Developers
- Graphic Designers/Artists
- Academics

  Deliverables include a presentation, summarizing key findings, winning ideas, and recommendations, plus video reel and transcriptions.