ARF Ad Avoidance X Science 2018


APRIL 19 @ 8:00 AM – APRIL 19 @ 12:00 PM • NEW YORK

Event Overview:

Are You Managing – Or Avoiding – The Issue Of Ad Avoidance? Fraud . . . Blockers . . . Streaming . . . consumers are moving from not paying attention to resisting ads. Avoiding ads is increasing across all platforms. Our industry is facing a major challenge. There’s never been so many ways to advertise to customers – or for them to avoid our advertising.


Ad avoidance is a big issue, but with scientific-based insights and actionable solutions, you can succeed in this challenging environment.


The power of consumers is stronger than ever. This first AD AVOIDANCExSCIENCE event was created to face cross-platform ad resistance head-on. Overcome it, successfully and improve results.



Thursday, April 19

10:40 – 11:00am




The Empowered Woman: Aligning With Her Values Boosts Receptivity What do multicultural female audiences appreciate about specific brands like Nike and Dove, and the categories in which they feel undervalued? New research provides insights into the context effects of viewers’ personal values on media brand preference and ad receptivity. Learn the value of targeting audiences beyond basic demos and MRI rankers to include viewers’ Receptivity Value Index (RVI™). Barbara Leflein – President, Leflein Associates Inc. Stephanie Yates – Vice President, Research and Insights | WE tv & IFC


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