Apps That Deliver Experts To Your Door

What’s next in the app world?  Maybe just maybe it’s a fleet of live professionals that can deliver personalized expertise to you in privacy and comfort.  We asked millennials about their interest in using apps that would offer these various experts through live chat and the answers were quite surprising.

Meal kits, which are all the rage, offer consumers new ways to save time and money while providing them with an expanded cooking repertoire.  So it’s only natural that the next step is to bring the chef into the kitchen.  According to our latest research with millennials, a plurality (40%) agree that having the availability of a live chat with a cooking expert on their mobile device would be a welcome tool.

Another area millennials would welcome a video chat includes access to a therapist (35%). This is not surprising given the levels of stress millennials report in many of our studies with this age cohort.

What is surprising about this new data is that relatively high levels of young men are interested in beauty/grooming consultations (31%), personal shopping chats with experts (41%) and yes interior design advice (37%).


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